My Mum

Mizpah is an entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Motivational speaker. She is the founder and Directors of Mizpah Publishing Services, Melchi Evangelical Services, European International School and Karger India. She holds Masters in Physics from Madras University and studied at Women’s Christian College, Chennai.


She is ambitious who never settle for second best; Through her confidence she won people’s respect, earned their trust and gained a solid reputation. She is passionate about what she is involved in , believe in it and turn it into something unique and successful. She constantly pushes herself out of her comfort zone to move forward, boost confidence and ultimately succeed.


Finally she is successful businesswoman with persistence and never give up attitude, still she believes in being a woman of values rather than a woman of success. She balances faith, family, business and society with her incredible time management. As a responsible mother she plays a pivotal role in Melchi’s Health, Education, Fashion and Spiritual life. She has special interest in gospel music, voracious reader. Loves watches and jewellery.